At Green Mountain Pet Stop, our major emphasis is in providing a safe environment for your pets to run and play.  Studies have shown that giving proper exercise to your pets not only adds to a long and healthy life, but also reduces, if not eliminates, a variety of unwanted behavioral issues.  We believe that the Pet Stop system is best pet fence system available to ensure  that this is possible.

For over thirteen years, we have been involved in both dog training and boarding.  We are active in both obedience and conformation.   On so many occasions, we have come across dogs needing much
more exercise than their owners could provide.  As a result, we began to search for a product we could feel good about recommending to our clients and associates, and were thrilled
when we found Pet Stop. Not only does it meet all of our expectations, it surpasses them.

The History of Pet Stop
In the seventies and eighties electronic pet containment was
exclusively controlled by one company and one product.
All that changed in 1989 when the patent expired and the door
opened to new competition. Most new companies simply copied
existing technology but the same two entrepreneurs
who started ReachUSA and ValPak of Cincinnati,Inc.(now ReachUSA), Bob Slattery and Bob Wolfe, saw an opportunity to create an entirely different pet fencing product.

A New Approach
The two sought out the largest radar detection company in the country and worked with them to engineer a new pet fencing product that improved on existing technology by incorporating many new and dynamic features. Their approach was different, the result was a state of the art pet containment system and their new company prospered. Today Pet Stop is making its way across the United States. Sold and installed exclusively by pet containment professionals, Pet Stop is the fastest growing organization in the industry. 

Experience that counts
In 2000 Pet Stop was joined by John Purtell, possibly the most experienced executive in the business. John started Invisible Fence, Inc. in 1976 and managed its dynamic growth throughout the seventies and eighties. He has now committed his talents to helping Pet Stop become a nationally recognized brand.
Experience does not end at the executive level, however. Pet Stop is sold exclusively through professional pet containment Dealers. Many Dealers have more than 10 to 15 years of experience in the pet containment business. That means you get the best, most knowledgeable, advice available. 

  • The best product

  • The best installation

  • The best service, after the sale. 

Why Pet Stop?
Unlike other brands that are sold by landscapers or other part timers,  Pet Stop Dealers are committed to a full-time business in pet containment systems. 
Each Dealer carries insurance and employs only trained personnel. That means they're there when you need them and service is always prompt and efficient. In today's complicated world it's reassuring to know that a Pet Stop Dealer will be there when you need them the most.


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