Proper training is key to making the system successful for you and your pet.

Once your PET STOP Electronic Fence System has been installed and is operational, it is time to train your pet to the system. As will be explained at the time you purchase your system, this product is designed to be used only as a tool to train your pet to stay within the confines of a given boundary.

The success for your pet relies upon the training given.

At the time of installation, we will provide an initial training session, and explain to you procedures to ensure that your pet will remain safely behind the chosen boundary. The training is designed so that your pet is thoroughly trained to the system at the program's end.

Taking shortcuts or rushing the program and not following the guidelines provided, may yield unsatisfactory results for both you and your pet.

The PET STOP Fence System is to be used only with proper training of your pet. It is not intended to be a foolproof means, such as a solid boundary, of keeping your pet in your yard.              

Ultimate Companions

At Ultimate Companions, we believe that every dog has the opportunity to become a good dog, regardless of age or breed.  Please Browse our site to learn more about us,  take the time to check out our class descriptions to see which training program is right for you.  For those of you who feel you and your dog need special attention, we also offer private consultations.  Whatever level of training your dog is at, we can help you get well on your way to having the Ultimate Companion.  Feel free to contact us at any time.  We look forward to hearing from you.!