John Purtell, founder of Invisible Fence, Inc

John Purtell is a nationally recognized business leader who founded Invisible Fence, Inc. in 1976 and grew Invisible Fencing® to become the leading electronic pet containment brand in the nation. Purtell sold his interest in Invisible Fence Company, Inc. in 1992. Purtell’s position at Perimeter Technologies allows him to return to an industry he helped create. The company’s extensive investment in developing and patenting more humane ways of keeping dogs safely contained in a yard cinched Purtell’s decision to join the company and lead its national expansion. “Pet Stop® is the most intelligent pet containment system available today, in that it provides valuable information to both the dog and the dog owner,” Purtell says. “Perimeter Technologies has developed numerous communication and comfort features that make the equipment and training exceptional. I expect Pet Stop to become the leading alternative to the Invisible Fence® brand. “Our product features, such as the soft tip ComfortContacts® that fit against the dog’s neck, make Pet Stop the most pet-friendly product on the market,” Purtell asserts. Most other companies use steel pin probes. Experience flows to our Pet Stop sales organization. Unlike other organizations, that authorize anyone with a shovel to sell and install their products, Pet Stop recruits only full time, dedicated personnel. Each dealer is carefully selected and trained in adherence to our stringent standards of customer service before they are authorized to sell our products. With Pet Stop you get only the best!