Elite™ Model Receiver

Our Elite receiver weighs just 1.3 ounces, making it ideal for even the smallest pets.  Plus, with over 200 programmable settings, it can be completely crafted to your pet's unique personality.  That's what makes it the industry's smallest and lightest, most customizable receiver. 

SmartReceiver® eliminates "false alarms"
Our receivers detect both how long your pet stays in the signal field and how deeply they enter it. The longer and deeper your pet is in the field, the higher the level of correction. This means your pets won't receive more correction than they deserve while maximum protection is still there when needed.

Comfort Contacts® protect your dog's neck

These uniquely designed, patented tips provide your pet with comfort and safety. No steel pins or abrasive metal-only the comfort of soft rubber will touch your pet's neck.

FlashAlert® warns you of a weak battery - before your pet gets loose

No more guessing when to change the battery. Never purchase a battery you don't need. This patented feature will flash brightly when the receiver's battery needs to be changed.

UltraMax Receiver®

Larger than the UltraElite Receiver®, the UltraMax Receiver® was designed for more determined dogs. Utilizing a highly efficient circuit, the UltraMax features a host of settings, including an adjustable correction that is the most effective in the business in keeping your pets safe and secure.


Battery Duty Cycling (patented)

We designed our receiver with you in mind. This patented feature extends the battery life to its maximum potential. With the Pet Stop product, your batteries will last up to six months.

Collar eliminates "blind spots" in the fence
No blind spots or "holes" because all our receivers incorporate three antennas. This technology ensures a full 360 degrees of signal detection. Your pet can't escape because the collar simply changes position.

Patented SafetyStopTM

Patented SafetyStopTM protects your pet from over correction
Most products offer some sort of safety shut off but only Pet Stop products will shut off AND STAY OFF until your pet is free from the signal. Other products cycle on and off. Only with Pet Stop receivers can you feel confident of maximum protection from continuous activation.

Indoor System

Want to keep your pet out of trouble inside your home? A Pet Stop® indoor system is for you. Keep your pet away from anything in your home such as living room furniture, the kitchen table or garbage container while still allowing them into the room. Expecting company and need to keep your pet safe in a specific area of your home? A Pet Stop® indoor system will do the trick. The Pet Stop® indoor transmitter can be used as a stand-alone system. For a complete solution use in conjunction with an outdoor containment system; they use the same lightweight comfortable collar receiver. Already have an outdoor containment system? A Pet Stop® indoor transmitter can be programmed to work with your existing containment system with no additional collars to purchase.


 Digital Transmitter that features ZappAlert™, the wire break warning system
Built-In Lightning Protection
Every transmitter has built-in lightning protection. Your dealer can also install additional protection that will safeguard your wall transformer as well as your transmitter.

ZappAlertTM Lightning Damage Warning System
Lightning damage is not an uncommon occurrence with pet containment systems. Pet Stop equipment incorporates an audible warning should your transmitter ever be damaged by lightning. Lightning damage is also covered under the lifetime warranty.

Easy-Read Digital Display on Transmitters
Only Pet Stop equipment features an easy-to-read digital display to let you know the exact signal field setting. No guessing or hard-to-read settings.. just easy-to-read information.

Power Loss Memory (PLM)
Pet Stop's unique PLM system will eliminate the need to reset the signal field in case of power loss. Unlike most digital display appliances (VCRs, clocks, etc.), your transmitter will remember the output setting and return to the same setting when power is restored.

Wire Break Warning System
Pet Stop digital transmitter continually monitors the status of the loop wire. In the event the loop wire ever breaks, an audible and visual warning will alert you to the problem.

Lifetime Warranty
All Pet Stop transmitters come with a lifetime warranty against all defects in workmanship or material. It even covers lightning damage.